J. Holiday Performs 'Incredible'

J. Holiday closes out the show in style with his performance of "Incredible."

Tommy Chong & Cloris Leachman Talk Booze, Weed & Making Out With Each Other

Tommy Chong and Cloris Leachman are at that beautiful place in life where you just don't care what anyone thinks, even when you're on TV. Check out how much fun they're having with Arsenio.

What's Bruce Jenner's Rap Name?

One of the best parts about rappers is their names. So Arsenio thought it would be fun to give some other stars like Bruce Jenner and Madonna rap names. If you have ideas for other funny rap names, post them with #...

Afrojack Performs '10 Feet Tall'

Afrojack takes the stage to perform "10 Feet Tall."